Newcold Freezers


Tacoma, Washington and Burley, Idaho

Food Processing and Distribution, Industrial

Newcold Freezers

This new concept in cold storage facilities promises to change the industry by increasing efficiencies and maximizing use of available land. PSM’s expertise in cold storage design played a large part in the success of these projects, as did our analysis and production capabilities. We designed the multistory cold storage transfer and loading areas, and provided design consulting for the slabs at the rack-supported storage area. Total volume of the storage area is over 25,000,000 cubic feet. We designed a mat foundation for the 135,000sf x 140ft tall ASRS cold storage facility using RAM Concept. This slab was supported on high density insulation and overturning forces were restrained by soil anchors. We also designed a two-story, 120,000sf cold storage/handling building. We designed a steel/concrete composite structure and special details to address very stringent slab crack criteria along with thermal contraction of the structure under -10F temperature. Over 30,000sf of support offices, technical building and rail docks were also included in the project.

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