Our Expertise

PSM’s Structural Expertise developed over 95 years means that our clients benefit from a deep knowledge base of engineering experience and client-oriented service.

In addition to structural design for all types of structures in the public and private sector, we have developed special capabilities in rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing buildings, upgrading buildings for seismic forces, and providing Design-Build services.

Additional areas of expertise include design for the Food Processing and Distribution Industry, where we have a 60 year history, and structural work for the Telecommunications Industry, where we have provided services for over 20 years.

PSM has over 70 years of experience in providing structural engineering for local school districts and colleges, including new buildings, remodeling projects, and seismic analysis and upgrade services.


PSM has a long history of providing structural design for food processing plants, distribution centers, and commercial freezers. We have specialized knowledge of construction types, methods, and local codes.


PSM provides a variety of engineering services to school districts and college and university campuses, including new design, value engineering, remodeling, and seismic analysis and retrofit.


PSM has been providing seismic upgrade of existing buildings for over forty years. More recently, we have upgraded Essential Facilities with Enhanced Performance Objectives.


PSM has been the preferred provider for structural engineering services for the telecommunications industry in the Northwest for over 25 years. Our experience spans varied projects.


PSM has many years of experience in the structural design of multiunit residential projects. Our deep knowledge of wood and concrete systems for above and below ground construction aids the design team in determining optimal solutions.

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Recent Projects

Our Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of any design firm. Fundamental to PSM’s success over 95 years of work is our reputation and delivery of outstanding client service.

We find and address needs rapidly and directly-whether it is a desire for the most economical framing system, or the development of multiple structural options, or rapid response to field questions – we deliver on our reputation.

  • Architects

    We use Building Information Modeling for new construction projects. Our services using BIM can range from simple models for visualization and production of 2-D documents, to more detailed models for use in detailing packages. We provide a variety of services for the analysis and rehabilitation of existing facilities. We have been active in seismic remediation work for over 40 years, beginning with early work for the Seattle School District. We are frequently involved in the rehabilitation of other facilities that have deteriorated because of environmental exposure, including food storage facilities and waterfront structures.

  • Contractors

    One of PSM’s largest areas of expertise is providing structural design for design/build teams, usually contractor-led. Because of our experience on these teams, we can rapidly focus in on critical design issues and come up with solutions for evaluation by the team. During construction, we understand and respond to the need for quick answers and solutions to field issues. PSM also uses Building Information Modeling for our projects. BIM aids the contractor by helping in the estimating, detailing, and field construction process.

  • Facility Owners

    PSM works directly with owners of facilities, both in the private sector (for profit and non-profit), and institutional owners in the public sector. Facility owners look to us to ensure that structural work for any new or existing building is done to reflect their priorities. We have extensive experience in rapidly providing focused and useful analysis and reports for existing structures for seismic hazards and general structural condition issues. We work with facility owners regularly, our high level of services adds to the effectiveness of all team members to reach project goals.

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