McCain Foods Potato Processing Facility


Burley, Idaho

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McCain Foods Potato Processing Facility

PSM designed two extremely complicated projects at this site. Initially, we were called in to Value Engineer another design for the overbuild of an existing roof. We came up with a lighter, less expensive solution, and proceeded with final design. We used a combination of steel joist moment frames and steel braced frames to resist lateral loads, and accommodated allowed column locations in the space below, which was congested with process equipment. The existing roof needed to be overbuilt in place, to minimize construction downtime. This required extensive and complicated construction shoring, which we designed and reviewed on site. The new roof also accommodated large mechanical equipment, and provided supported for new guyed vent stacks.

Directly adjacent to this overbuild, we designed a new process area. Again, phased construction allowed operations to continue without significant interruption. Challenges included re-support of existing piping and process equipment, and interface at the edges with existing roof conditions.

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